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So I am steaming ahead with the party posts of Penelope’s 5th birthday celebrations! The giveaway gifts were edible this time. I had the chance to practice what I learned in my Sugar Art Classes!! These ones are quite easy although they do not look like it. They just need time and patience. This is for me that I am one of the most impatient persons I know.

Making these 40 cookies was the most time consuming thing in the whole party project… Stayed late hours making little minion bows and minion eyes. I reached my patience limits but the result made me so happy!! Little minion faces were all over my dining room waiting for the day of the party. The other thing I realized was that these cookies demand a lot of time and when someone asks a lot of money for them it is really worth it. If you up of making your little guests super happy, keep on reading!

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The recipe used for these cookies can be found here. To make some time bake two pans of cookies at the same time switching them places in the middle of baking time. For 40 cookies I needed approximately 1 and a half dose of the recipe. My cookie cutter was of 5 cm diameter.

As soon as your cookies are chilled, clean a space on your kitchen counter and place the cookies in the pans you used for baking them, this will make things a lot easier to work around in your kitchen. Pour some water in a glass and put in a clean small brush.

Make first the yellow base. It took 2 packs of 250gr for making them (χρησιμοποίησα this sugar paste. Roll the paste as thin you can in order not to crack when placed on top of the cookies. Use the same cutter used for the cookies. With the brush put some water on the bottom and place it on the center of each cookie. Then proceed in making the minions’ eyes. If you want to take my advice go for one-eyed minions (and make your life easier!). Use white sugar paste (it took about 100gr) and with a very small round cutter make the eyes. Glue the eyes on the upper middle part of the cookie making some space for the bow and the google. Use some grey sugar paste and with a slightly bigger cutter and the eye cutter, cut the google for the eye. I suggest making it thicker than the eye in order to give a nice 3D effect. Place the google gently (it takes some patience at this point) around the eye. With the back of a tea spoon gently glue the google around the eye. Using black colored sugar paste (it took about 40gr) shape tiny balls. Flat them on top of the eye and place on the upper middle one white round sprinkle. Then roll a thin rectangular piece of black sugar paste and using a ruler cut two black pieces 0,5cm wide. Size each side next to the eye and cut in on the edge of the cookie. Glue it on with some water. For the bow I used two pink heart shaped sprinkles (bought them at my local super market from this brand είναι αυτής της ) the one facing the other. Finally using an edible black marker I draw the smile and the eyelashes. The edible marker is a perfect tool to use as soon as you use it gently on the sugar paste. I got all my supplies from here and there. They were packed in a transparent plastic bags and I sealed them with a quite washi tape I got from Tiger.  

Good Luck to whoever tries them out! Don’t go too far, the cupcake and cake post are on their way.

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