Who Am I

Hello and welcome to my blog, care for a cookie?

My name is Athena, wife of Ioannis, mother of Penelope and full time working girl. We live in a quiet suburb of Athens by the sea along with our dog Pares. 

Craft Cook Love sums up all of my favorite things:

Cooking, baking, diy projects, parties and deco. 

In my blog posts you can find recipes for cakes, pastries and all kind of dishes, diy projects for your home, tips for organizing parties, deco tips and everything else comes to my busy little mind. 

More info about my blog:

In the spear of the moment, on October 2014, and while down with the flu, this blog was created in the Blogger platform intending to share my tips for organizing a super birthday party for the kids. A have a real passion for photography, so I started to shoot some of the proposed party dishes to present them in my blog. Little by little my blog has evolved to almost a food blog. One year later, I moved to WordPress and renovated my blog completely. Hope you like it ☺ 

My recipes are always simple to make and I always give links to where one can find the ingredients used. These links are used for informative and not commercial reasons. Should a post is sponsored, it is clearly stated on the post (usually in the recipe post notes). I try to give clear and simple steps for making any of my recipes. I shoot with a Nikon D3100 and with my Iphone6 sometimes. Natural light is my favorite. 

Mini Bio

I was born in Sydney Australia on August 1979 by greek parents. I have a 14 months older brother, Dionisis for whom I care deeply. We returned in Greece when I was 4 years old and I live in Attica ever since (with small intervals!) My bachelor is in Political Science from the National University of Athens and I also have a Master in Science in Finance from ALBA. I work in the financial sector from my student years and a have a passion in studying foreign languages. I have studied English (when it stopped being my mother language), French, Italian and Spanish! I cannot choose one favorite I love them all! 

You can find out more about me and my blog in this FAQ