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I am in an absolute summer mood and you can see it all over my social media. This doesn’t mean that I was meaning to stop blogging. I had dreams of editing all my pending posts and to blog away during my holiday. My dreams were crushed when I managed to leave at home my laptop with all my pictures and notes… 

This is when my friend Zina from EfzinCreations stepped in to save the day. And what the post she sent me is totally in the blog’s summermood. DIY watermellon soaps??? How cute is that ??

Ok enough said, I will let my friend talk now. And do not forget to like her facebook page, to follow her instagram και  twitter and check out her amazing creations at her etsy store. 

When you decide to be on this blog full of aromas and tasty recipes, it is a challenge what exactly you should write about. As you may guess writing about a new recipe was out of the scope! So… what about a watermelon full of colors and aromas? But be careful… you cannot eat it!

I have seen this idea on internet and of course I kept it on my mind to check it. Because if I do not see it with my own eyes, sometimes I do not believe it. I have also heard about the great hospitality Athena is offering and how great she cooks, so I said to her… prepare a coffee and something easy and simple to taste (you know… a birthday cake for example) and I will be there. And here I am! I have brought the ingredients we will need, so let’s start our soaps!


materials for hanmdae soap soap diy
What are we going to need:

– Food Coloring Red, Yellow and Blue (unless you already have Green)

– Bowl perfect for microwave

– Soap Molds (if you do not have any, just use ice cube molds)

– Glycerin Soap Base

– Essential Oil

– Ethanol

– Mist Bottle

mixing paintings


making home made soapThe procedure is easy, but because we are going to prepare three different layers of colored soap, it will take us longer. First clean well the soap mold and spray with ethanol. We do this in order to remove any small bubbles that are created in the glycerin.

In a small bowl proper for microwave, cut in pieces the glycerin and heat it for 40’’. If the mixture is not ready yet, then heat it more. Add 3-4 drops of red food coloring and 4-5 drops of the essential oil. Stir well and then put it on the soap mold, covering the 1/3 of the holder. Spray again with ethanol and let it dry. For the core of the watermelon I have used Chia seeds.

When the first layer is dried enough, we start preparing the second one with exactly the same procedure but without any food coloring. Put the mixture on the mold (creating a small layer) , spray with ethanol and let it dry.

Last but not least, let’s prepare the green part of our fruit exactly as above. If you do not have green food coloring, just mix blue and yellow.

When our soaps are ready just remove them carefully from the mold.

What do you think? Like a real watermelon!

how to craft handmade water mellon soap
tutorial easy watermellon soap

Athena many thanks for the great hospitality. Your cake was delicious…but you have prepared only one! Is this the way you treat your guests??? Where is the ice cream with the blue berries and the cinnamon sticks?????

My beloved friend Zina, thank you for the amazing tutorial you shared with us!! These soaps are so summery and cute! Also, should you decide to come over to my house I will cook and bake for you whatever you ask 🙂 


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