This is a post- chain reaction. Everything started from Marina of Little Box of Luv. Then more ‘confession post” started to get published all over the Greek blogger community. You may find all posts in Marina’ s fb group here and in Machi’s fb group here. I wrote mine in the spear of the moment some days ago. Then I started to have second thoughts thinking ok this is toooo personal. Then I realized my blog is personal and I finally went through with it and here it comes:

  1. With my brother I have 13 months and 21 days age difference. This means that my mum got pregnant again when I was just 4 months old. Also we look very different.
  2. I am very short ( under 160cm)
  3. My parents are separated since ever (they just didn’t quite realized it). They got divorced the summer before I started High School.
  4. I have from my father a half-brother that is 12 years old and his name is Fotis.
  5. With my father who passed away quite recently I wasn’t very close.
  6. On the other hand, I am very close with my godparents and I consider them second parents. When I say my folks I mean my mum plus my grandparents. My daughter call them pappou and yiayia
  7. I was always looking for a father figure through my relationships. Even now sometimes when Yiannis gets mad about something I feel like a little kid that is yelled from its father and sometimes I am afraid of telling him things in case he gets mad.
  8. I met Yiannis in a coffee house in Athens in 2005 as a friend of a friend (Alexis) of my cousin (ok confusing). My friend Marianna who was with me insisted that we meet again with Yiannis because she had a “feeling” for our relationship. Alexis became the best man and Marianna the maid of honor at our wedding.
  9. I swore I would never move in the northern of Athens, now we live in a house in the north-east side of Athens.
  10. As a kid I always kept journals and wrote letters. I had two pen pals with which we exchange letters in French : a French & an Italian girl
  11. We moved from Australia to Greece when I was four years old. During one of my parent’s fights, we moved back to Australia (me , my brother and mother) where I went to school there for 6 months. I still remember the incident but I always try to remember how old I was.
  12. I swore I never get married until I met Yiannis
  13. However I was always dreaming of wearing a long white wedding dress with vail and dancing with the man of my dreams. My wedding dress was short and I didn’t wore any vail ( I just managed to marry the man of my dreams).
  14. I was afraid to have any kids in case I got divorced and had to put them through what I did when I was a child.
  15. I always appear as the cool chick that nothing can get through her, but it is all a lie: every time someone hurts my feeling, he leaves a little scar on my heart.
  16. As an original Leo, I am too proud to ever say I am sorry for something I’ve done. I try to change that and know I say I am sorry all the time, especially to my daughter.
  17. I don’t cry often but once I start it’s impossible to stop.
  18. After my pregnancy though I can cry with a tv commercial.
  19. I was a Nirvana fan ( a hard rock band) when I was a teenager and when Kurt Kobain (their lead singer) committed suicide I wore black for two years on his death anniversary.
  20. I didn’t even boil an egg until my twenties.
  21. My first cooking experience was making popcorn where I managed to burn the pot and the tablecloth.
  22. Then I started cooking as a hobby.
  23. One of the first recipes I learned how to make was crepes with ready to cook mixture and pasta with red sauces and mushrooms. Marianna taught me how (the maid of honor).
  24. One time I cooked for a friend’s boyfriend and lied that she cooked instead of me.
  25. When I have a very stressful day at the office, before I go home I go to the super market and start sniffing softeners. I find this extremely relaxing and usually I go back with a new fragrance.
  26. When I decide to erase a person from my life I just press the delete button. I haven’t done it a lot of times but whenever I did (up to now) I never looked back
  27. I always have new ideas or remember things when I shower in the morning.
  28. I have issues with sharing things and I made it in camp for just a few days when I was a kid.
  29. As I kid I always liked to take pictures. This was my first camera αυτή .
  30. The first song I recorded from the radio as a kid was  Here Comes the Rain Again (Eurythmics).
  31. I cannot drive without music and seat belt on.
  32. I get lost all the time and when I take one street I usually go to my usual route (work, home, etc.). My friend used to call me the trolley bus.
  33. I worship and I am addicted to the GPS app on my phone.
  34. I worship and I am addicted to my phone itself.
  35. The only video game I play is Bejeweled Blitz.
  36. Before getting married, I used to say that I would have a daughter called Irini (my mother’s name). I did finally had a daughter whose name is Penelope (my mother in law’s name).
  37. I kept my positive pregnancy test
  38. When I was about 7 months pregnant I panicked when I realized I cannot have second thoughts about giving birth to a child and that I have to get through labor no matter what.
  39. I am afraid of pain. I do blood check-ups after taking a lot of deep breaths.
  40. During my pregnancy, I had my blood test always in the same place, with the same person who held my hand and using baby needle.
  41. I never did a blood test that the doctor requested convincing her that it was not necessary ( I think I did but lied)
  42. The only pain I remember when I went to labor is the one of the needle of the top of my palm.
  43. When I was in the hospital with my baby I had I really hard time realizing she is really mine and asked the nurse if I can change her clothes before going home.
  44. I have an extremely low blood pressure. One office doctor asked me once how I manage to stand up.
  45. My biggest fear is losing one of my loved ones (young and old).
  46. I am so bored of going to the gym and aerobic classed. This is why I’ve tried a lot of activities to keep myself fit somehow: contemporary dancing, hip hop and r’n” b, aerial yoga.
  47. I am so sloppy in the house. I always try to organize the chaos I create. My lost hope was Penelope being less sloppy than me (not)
  48. When I was19 years old, I cut my hair really short. My friends called me Sotiri (Greek male name).
  49. I dyed my hair every color possible (almost). I stopped messing with my hair when I was 26 years old and ever since I just did an ombre once.
  50. I was always wondering why I didn’t have a grandfather ( they both died when I was a baby or before I was born)
  51. I discovered that my grandmother’s name (from which I was named after) was not Athena but Athinais.
  52. My first car was a bright blue colored Citroen Saxo with three doors (1996 model) with no air condition. I got it when I was 20 years old.
  53. When I was a child I wanted to become a French teacher or just teacher (clueless) .
  54. My first job was in the summer of my 15 years in Zakynthos where my father lived in a travel agency.
  55. I was a total nerd. I adored school and I was always bored at the end of the summer holiday and looking forward to schoolyear.
  56. I love the smell of books and all schooling materials.
  57. When I meet someone I either like him or hate him. I hardly change my mind.
  58. The first blog I ever read was a beauty blog. I really love make up and cosmetics
  59. When I am down, I don’t cook. My theory says that the negative energy gets through in the meal.
  60. My favorite dessert is plain white chocolate.

I want to thank you Marina for the idea. Congratulations to all the girls that have tried it so far. It was a really liberating experience for me. One of those that made me fall in love with blogging so much. Also I discovered that I have so much in common with most Greek bloggers.


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