How do you manage all (work, parenting, blogging?)

I don’t. I always try for the best and for me it is a matter of prioritization. My family comes first in every equation and then I try to squeeze all of my tasks and roles in 24 hours. When I feel I cannot do it no more, I ask for help, I take a day off, I go for a walk or shopping J

Do you really make all of these recipes?

Oh yes! I cannot imagine showing a dish on my blog without tasting it first me or my official tester, my husband Ioannis, unless it is a quest post. In that case I demand for some from my fellow blogger (just kidding) 😉

Do you really eat all of these that you make?

OMG yes! For me it is so wrong to throw away food when other people are starving. As you can see from the quantities of my ingredients usually it is dinner for two, unless I am making food for my friends and family. Also, our colleagues are often the ones tasting all of my cupcakes and pastries that come to larger quantities.

The recipe you are mentioning and linking is different than yours why?

In the recipe box notes I always state the initial recipe as I call it, an active link to the recipe I followed as guide for my blog post. It is my source of inspiration, the reason I decided to try it out for myself. As a self-taught cook I sometimes make my own adjustments according to my tastes or needs. It doesn’t mean that I just execute the initial recipe.

Are these really your photographs? They look so “professional”

Thank you for telling that my photos look professional I am really flattered. Yes all (and I mean all) of the photos are shoot and processed by me or Ioannis. Photos that may be used in a post and are not mine, their source is stated and linked.

How do you photoshoot? Which program you use for processing?

My camera is a DSLR Nikon 3100. I use the kit lence and … macro lance Santa Claus brought me on Christmas. I prefer shooting in natural light between windows or outside at my porch when the sun is not hitting it directly. I used to process with on line programs such as picmonkey and ipiccy but now I use exclusively Photoshop. When I mean process I usually give some light to the pic and downsize it to fit my blog.

How to you charge for making me a cake like the one on the post?

I am not a professional and I don’t do that for a living (I would if I could). My purpose is to show you how to make one yourself not sell you one! Should you need any advice please let me know!


How much do you charge for the party supplies you used ?

I am not a party supplies reseller (interesting career path proposed btw), I am just giving the link from where I bought them in case you like them and want the same. You will have to ask the owner of the site I linked to.