Prosciutto Cream Cheese Gnocchi
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Cook time
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Μία πανεύκολη συνταγή που χρειάζεται 10 λεπτά και μόλις τρία υλικά!!
Yield: 2 to 3 persons
  • 500gr fresh gnocchi
  • 70γρ prosciutto crudo
  • 200gr cream cheese
  1. In a medium pot pour water just above the middle and cook the gnocchi according to the box timing (usually need a few minutes cooking)
  2. Slice the prosciutto in thin slices
  3. Strain the gnocchi and in the same pot add the cream cheese
  4. Add the gnocchi and stir.
  5. Add in the prosciutto .
  6. Mix and we are ready.
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